Who We Are

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Action In Reading Club (A.I.R.) was started by a group of parents keen on reading, pursuing personal growth and making positive impacts on families and communities. A.I.R. was established as a not for profit organization in 2019.


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Our Mission

Empower parents to better mentor their children on developing self-awareness, building confidence and fulfilling personal potentials

Promote lifelong learning through reading and applying these lessons in everyday life to nurture family bonding and become better people

Enable continuous growth in which we learn from yesterday, maintain an open mind in the present, and live for a better tomorrow.

Create change in communities by volunteering, partnering with charities and sponsoring vulnerable groups.

our value





How We Do

We read

One Book, One Theme, One Charity! There are two group-reading sessions with a fee for 10 weeks each in spring and fall every year. Each session, A.I.R. picks books from the categories ranging from parenting, family, intimate relationship, and personal growth. Every week, we host in-depth book discussion facilitated by volunteers, and for every book read we select one charity and donate funds to help vulnerable groups in accordance with the book theme picked.

We Act

To enrich members’ lives, bonding friendship, integrating Canadian cultures with Chinese cultures, and most importantly to transform reading into action, we organize a series of events in winter and summer, including family outings, parent-child games, workshops, volunteer activities, visits to social-welfare organizations, and other series of activities. We also invite guest speakers and moderate panel discussion to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Why A.I.R.

A.I.R. provides members access to multidimensional resources to help smooth transitions to life in Toronto, facilitate cross cultural communication, improve parenting skills, and enhance school engagement.
A.I.R values kindness and empathy. We focus on continuous learning for personal growth, while seeking partnership with charities to support communities and vulnerable groups.

“We can’t change the Arctic Circle, but we can change our circle of friends”

Great minds alike – let’s read, learn, share and act together to grow mindsets, enrich experiences and enjoy the beauty of life.

Sisi Chen

-President of Action In Reading Club
-P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor
-PhD in Applied Psychology, School of Psychology, World University of Natural Medicine (WONM)
-International Holistic and Natural Medicine Association (IHNMA) certified hypnotist
-China National Psychological Consultant

Michelle Yang

-Co-Founder, A.I.R.
-Chief Financial Officer of Action In Reading Club
-Reading together, grow our mindsets
-Practice together, appreciate the beauty of life

Claire Chen

-Co-Founder, A.I.R.
-Secretary General of Action In Reading Club
-PR and business strategists
-NPO contribution experience over 20 years
-BA NTU Law School
-MA USC Public Relations
-“The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for a noble ideal.”

Linda Ji

-Co-Founder, A.I.R.
-Vice President
-University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce, Cooperative Education Program
-President of Neo Kitchen Inc.
-President of Neo Design and Build Inc.
-Love is one thing you can’t give away – it comes back to you.

Wendy Wen

-Co-Founder, A.I.R
-Chief Executive Officer of Action In Reading Club
-Experienced senior leadership for listed company and group corporations

-Reading, talking to the interesting soul
-Action, practicing the wisdom of life

Maggie Guo

-Co-Founder, A.I.R.
-Vice President of Action In Reading Club
-Master of Education, Developmental Psychology and Education, University of Toronto, Expected -Graduation 2023
-Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto
-Co-Chair of Bannockburn Parents Association, 2018-2020
-Co-Chair of Market Place at Havergal College, 2019-2020
-City Launcher of Chowbus Toronto
– “Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz

Simone Chen

-Director, A.I.R.
-Broker of RE/MAX Barry Cohen Homes Inc., Brokerage,Toronto
-Master of International Business
-University of Wollongong, Sydney, Australia
-VP of Ovadia Corporation (Shenzhen)
-TV show host
-Read a lot and take a trip further!
-Love reading! Why not read together for more fun!

Winnie Wang

-Director, A.I.R.
-Bachelor of Engineering
-Years of experience in budget and project management
-Action is the proper fruit of knowledge

Lei Li

-Director, A.I.R.
-Former Board of Director, Canada China Business Council
-Extensive experience at the corporate and board level
-“Time is a river, and books are boats.”

Our Team

Organize group
reading and social


manage finance
and budget



Manage members
relationship, develop
and execute
marketing strategies

Charity &

Select right-fit charities
to sponsor or collaborate,
organize volunteer activities
for parents and youth.