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Yonge Street Mission

Their Website link: www.ysm.ca

In the Spring of 2023, we studied “Parent Effectiveness Training” together. 

Based on the selected reading, we chose Yonge Street Mission (YSM) as our donation organization and contributed $12,060 CAD, setting a new donation record for A.I.R.

Since its establishment in 1896, YSM has been providing comprehensive support and services to the community of Toronto. As a development agency dedicated to addressing poverty and helping individuals overcome adversity, they have long worked closely with individuals, families, children, youth, and the entire community affected by poverty, offering multifaceted services. During the pandemic, they have continued to provide food support, ensuring that impoverished communities feel cared for and supported.

A.I.R. members and second-generation members have also taken tangible action by volunteering over 200 hours of service to organizations such as Double Take, CornerStone, and Evergreen. Additionally, they have donated a significant amount of clothing, books, and children’s toys.

Family Navigation Project

Their Website link: www.sunnybrook.ca

In the Autumn of 2022, A.I.R. selected “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” as the theme book. 

After examining numerous charitable organizations, the donating committee chose the Family Navigation Program under the Sunnybrook Foundation as the recipient for this term’s donation, contributing a total of $11,000 CAD.

The Family Navigation Program is a unique initiative and a first of its kind in Canada. It owes its existence to a group of dedicated parents who are determined to assist young individuals aged 13-26 struggling with mental health or addiction challenges. This program offers personalized support tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, without requiring diagnosis or referral. It utilizes an extensive knowledge base and interdisciplinary collaboration to provide diagnosis, treatment, and assistance to this particular population.

Through this program, A.I.R. members gained a deeper understanding of the needs of adolescents and learned how to seek help and cope with challenges when their own children encounter them. The aim of the program is to foster the holistic development of children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Scouts Canada

Their Website link: www.scouts.ca

The book of choice this spring 2022 was “Education and the Significance of Life”,

which inspired us to raise and donate $7.380 to the chosen charity, Scouts Canada. Over the past century, Scouts Canada has been shaping youths through hosting activities, outdoor adventures and programs that give back to the community. Scouts Canada hopes to prepare the younger generation with skills for life in society.

On May 19th, 50 A.I.R. members and friends attended the “Back to the Childhood Times” themed closing ceremony. Afterwards, the group had the honour of experiencing the Scouts’ flag-raising ceremony.

Scouts Canada held a leadership training session for ages 5-18 on June 12th at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park. This opportunity allowed participants to engage in team-bonding activities, such as building tents and lighting bonfires in nature. Senior scouts also shared stories with them that reflected their invaluable leadership experience in scout leadership.
During this donation term, Scouts Canada collaborated with A.I.R. and created a co-branded scout’s badge.

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Their Website link: canadianwomen.org
In Autumn 2021, the book chosen was “Non-Violence communication”.

In Autumn 2021, the book chosen was “Non-Violence communication”.

This book choice inspired us to raise funds of $8,250 for a special project, hosted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation – Building the Field of Teen Healthy Relationships Programming in Canada. As Canada’s only national non-profit organization, it is dedicated to assisting girls and women to achieve gender equality. The goal is to empower women, negate violence against women, and support low-income women to lift them out of poverty. Since 1991, there has been more than $40 million invested in philanthropic support for 1,200 community projects and women’s shelters across Canada.

Building the Field of Teen Healthy Relationships is a national-wide program promoted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The program is designed to help adolescents develop and build different types of healthy connections to feel supported in the community. It focuses on supporting youths to build and maintain healthy relationships and friendships and enlists the cooperation of parents, guardians, and supporters from communities outside of school, to create a national-led program coalition.

During the Autumn reading club, the Canadian Women’s Foundation staff led online sessions to share their knowledge on the topic of non-violence communication at all levels. In February 2022, the Canadian Women’s Foundation conducted a specialized Insights Forum for A.I.R. The forum focused on the in-depth discussion about the challenges young people face post-pandemic (COVID-19), safety issues in the Canadian community and the “S.O.S. Signal Responders”.

Kids Now

Their Website link: www.kidsnowcanada.org

Kids Now empowers grade 7 & 8 students to believe they deserve to make positive choices with their lives by providing critical life tools and the ability to know how and why to use them to become successful and confident leaders

Kids Now is a free after-school leadership program for grade 7 & 8 students. Our program offers both Spring and Fall sessions. Participants self-select and commit to 1.5 hours for 12  weeks and experience the program with a caring and trained mentor in small groups of 10. Our proactive approach is uniquely ours. Through interactive activities our program concentrates on Five Key Modules:


EGRC was founded on the belief that educated women have educated children. Through EGRC’s financial sponsorship and dedicated emotional support, hundreds of young women from rural Western China have changed their lives through education. In turn, they have positively impacted their families and communities.

The mission of EGRC is to help rural young women, by means of financial support, psychological and emotional care and encouragement, to complete their education successfully; moreover, to start their career and further their development in the society after graduation. 

Since 2005, EGRC has been sponsoring more than 1,400 female students with their high school and university education. All of them are from Gansu, Guizhou and Qinghai, the poor mountainous areas in the rural Western China. The graduation rate of sponsored students has achieved over 99%. 


Their Website link: www.womanact.ca
WomanACT envisions a world where all women are safe and have access to equal

The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) works collaboratively to eradicate violence against women through community mobilization, coordination, research, policy, and education.


Their Website link: www.womanact.ca

The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) works collaboratively to eradicate violence against women through community mobilization, coordination, research, policy, and education.

WomanACT envisions a world where all women are safe and have access to equal opportunities.

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