A Lifetime of Learning
Authors: J.Krishnamurti

One Season, One Session

“He uncovers the surprising ways in which
parents do—and do not—prepare their
children for adulthood.”
A valuable education creates a strong foundation granting people the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. This gives one a chance to enjoy the process of life, while letting their skills and abilities fall into place. Proper education can further develop a mature mindset allowing them to set free and blossom in love and kindness.

The goal of effective education is to help equip one to independently handle life and challenges and create value. A strong education translates into a culture of freedom and wisdom, where children are respectful, considerate, and able to think independently. Additionally, teachers and parents exhibit respect toward children and all human beings, out of love The author outlined that the sole method to resolve pain in our lives is by understanding ourselves in relationships. Only then, can we bring peace and joy to others. We evolve best as a person through love and maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Love does not arise in the pursuit of ideals, but when we overcome the opposition, such as hatred and greed. The author also expands on the reasons behind the crisis of the world today, from the wrong values between people, property, and ideas to the over-dependence on authority and social leaders.

The school founded based on the author’s philosophy has drawn supporters in our reading group. It has taught us that parents and teachers are held responsible for the important choice of a strong education, as adults are self-aware and creative in nature. When fueled by creativity, it helps overcome the basic need, sex, our only sensory stimulation. When we live lives that are enriched with a strong physical and mental state, we are aware that love originates not from a wedding vow, nor from the exchange of mutual satisfaction. Where love exists, sex is never an issue.

The final chapters focus on discussions around the topics of art, beauty and creation. We can see that beauty is tied into every corner of our lives and can be found or created from a blend of creativity, sensibility, expressiveness, and appreciation.

Over the course of 8 weeks of learning, we had 21 lead readers from 6 houses leading to a total of 49 members who participated in this reading session. We have raised and donated $7380 to the Canadian Scouts, an accomplishment to be celebrated. With autumn heading soon, it will be the perfect season to spend it together reading, learning and most importantly, spending quality time with our loved, cherished ones. Looking forward to the year!