Nonviolent Communication
Authors: Marshall Rosenberg, Yinhua Ruan

The inception of co-learning is people, and the final realization of co-learning remains the same – people, the core answer of all.

“He uncovers the surprising ways in which
parents do—and do not—prepare their
children for adulthood.”
We are a group of motivated individuals who are willing to let go of anxiety, in pursuit of happiness and learning. Driven with a desire for change and determination to continuously explore the path of development for fostering existing relationships around us.

Everyone contributes to our own wisdom, resources, and time like the “stone soup” methodology, to a continual commitment to lifelong learning in a community for us, our families, and the A.I.R. members. This is where authenticity and free learning exists, anywhere and anytime.

Therefore, the autumn book club has chosen to launch a new form of reading, the “co-create’ model with “Nonviolent Communication”.

Co-creation means changing the consumer mentality and joining with the intention of assessing rights and resources that have been prepared by the group. This indicates that we have evolved from the passive personality to the type to eagerly obtain standardized solutions, instead of waiting on others to show us the way.

Co-creation represents the courage to act without hesitation, explore and create infinite possibilities of “learning and sharing”. The goal is to bring like-minded people together and let their thoughts fly free of limitations. In today’s era, with no restriction on knowledge and information, is the perfect opportunity for individuals to explore their inner selves. Through this self-discovery journey, they can share insights, learning methods and ways to thrive naturally with the community. 
There was a total of 75 members who participated in this fulfilling and fascinating reading session, with 53 readers from 6 houses over the course of 13 weeks of co-creation. With the collective effort, the Autumn 2021 book club was able to donate $8,250 to the Youth Health project operated by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.